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We are writing this blog out of concern – concern for the United States, where it is and where it is going.  This country is over two hundred years old and has survived great troubles in its past including the great civil war and World War I and World War II.  However, given our present political and economic trajectory we can at best survive only as another mediocre social democracy- a country that is morally, spiritually and economically bankrupt.  At worst, the country will descend into anarchy, chaos and poverty.  I believe that all thinking Americans want more than either of these outcomes for their children and grandchildren.

Now is the time for all of us to seriously THINK about our country – where we are, where we have come from and where we are going.  In many ways, we are like the drunken captain of a river boat, asleep at the steering wheel, drifting along barely awake, only peripherally aware of what is going on around us, cursing both the current that carries us along,  fretting about the almost daily crises that occasionally bump us awake.  We intuitively know that given our current direction, nothing good can await us, yet we are too lazy to steer our own boat  and do not care enough to rouse ourselves and correct our own current situation.

We will address four major themes in this blog.  These themes are first principles, where we are as a failing country, the coming crisis and our suggestions for a bold new vision for a restored country.

First Principles – In discussing first principles we will look at the founder’s vision for our country and well as their philosophical and moral underpinnings.  Many of our readers have never learned or have forgotten our original founders intent and their vision for our country.  Without understanding the basics of such terms as liberty and equality one can not understand the problems that confront us.  We will also discuss how liberalism and progressivism have become such an entrenched part of our country and challenge you to rethink many of the things you have come to accept and erroneously believe are the founders intent.

Where We Are – We will investigate the current state of our failing country examining such topics as the deep political divide in our country, the failures of many if not most of our institutions, the failure of political, economic and moral leadership and the apathy and indifference of the population.  We will also have some unkind things to say about farmers and corporations, our educational system and religious organizations.

The Coming Crisis– As one pundit says, if something cannot go on forever, it won’t.  This is true for the current direction of our country.  The country is facing eventual economic collapse.  None of our leaders want to admit this and none want to address the underlying problems.  This can only lead to national bankruptcy, depression, economic collapse and political and social upheaval.  This is our future and we must think about it.

 A New Vision – If we act in time we can avert a national crisis.  However, the crisis can only be averted by major changes in the way our government operates as well as its size and scope.  We will examine suggestions for a revised constitution as well as necessary changes required in many of our major institutions including educational and religious institutions.

We look forward to your comments and feedback.  Your ideas are important to us as well as your criticism.  Don’t bother sending us political party and campaign talking points.  We will ignore them.  We are only interested in well-reasoned thoughtful insight.  Together, perhaps – just perhaps, we can make things better.

Jay Madison Hamilton

Jay Madison Hamilton (JMH) is a pseudonym for the author of most of the commentary on this site.  If you are a reader of this site you deserve to know a little about the author, his background and biases.  JMH is a father, husband and grandfather.  He is a registered Republican though not very happy with the party.  He is a retired electronics engineer, computer scientist and entrepreneur. He is a born again Christian and conservative in religion, economics and politics.  When not writing, he can usually be found in his workshop building custom furniture.  He has lived and traveled over most of the United States but currently lives in a rural area outside a small town in the Ozarks.


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